Fishing vs. Shopping

Some years ago, I noted the similarities between these two activities. Indeed, men tend to enjoy one more than the other, and women vice versa … these, of course, are generalizations.

It is often done in groups of two to four. We do not spend very much time at all on focused activity … catching a fish or making a purchase. Some portion of the time may well be taken up in silence, which is usually a comfortable silence. We can take some time to talk about how or why we might catch or buy. Or we can pursue any line of conversation that suits our interests, and no one cares if it is suddenly interrupted by an unexpected flurry of catching/purchasing activity. I suspect that we simply like spending time together, and this is a good way to do it.

I, for one, can enjoy both. Some folks enjoy neither. (For the record, I do not enjoy ‘moseying’. This is where one person walks slowly but silently with another person waiting for some nebulous purchase to be made. It’s hard on my knees. I’d rather walk briskly down to the sporting goods store to look around.)

Just a thought … DonC


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