Many years ago when my boys were in grade school, I had the opportunity to volunteer in a few of their classrooms. It became a learning experience for me as much as anyone.

The first notion to fall was that this room full of smiling faces contained some children who were quicker learners, some who were a little slower learners and some in the middle. After a while it occurred to me that the span was much greater than I realized. A few might have been ready for junior high and others not really ready for kindergarten. The same was true on the maturity/behavioral spectrum.

Hence, I wish to give teachers a great deal of credit for being able to stand in the middle of this circus, and successfully move things forward. It is not such an easy job. So here is my wish list for all teachers:

I wish that a teacher heard the words “Thank you” a hundred times more often than they currently do.

I wish that a teacher could feel like Congress, the state legislature and the school board did 10 times as much encouraging and supporting, and one-tenth the micromanaging.

I wish that testing would be the least important thing that a teacher does.

I wish that every teacher could feel like they were paid what they were worth.

I wish that every teacher enjoyed a sense of partnership with the parents of their students.

I wish every teacher hated to retire … at any age.

Just a thought … DonC


One thought on “Teachers

  1. I feel that way about my job as a preschool teacher! The kids all grow and learn at different rates and i am not ready to retire yet! 😉

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