Progressive Talk Radio

I was rolling through Chicago last week, looking for a radio station to listen to and found one that referred to itself as ‘progressive talk radio’. Not sure what to expect, I thought it would be fun to hear what they were working on.

The subject was Mitt Romney. Specifically, they were chewing on him concerning the details of his tax return … the bank accounts in the Cayman Islands, Swiss bank accounts and the amazingly large sum of money that ended up in an IRA account. (As you probably know, IRAs are limited to rather small contributions. Somehow, he accumulated $100+ million.) I will let you do your own research on the details.

What was fascinating about the program was how the discussion progressed. First, the host (can’t remember his name) recalled several facts about the story. It wasn’t long before this progressed into a couple accusations, some partial-truths and a fairly thick layer of innuendo over the whole mess. The facts and thoughtful reflection pretty well got left in the dust.

After listening for an hour of these guys feeding on Romney, I started to laugh out loud. They had read Rush Limbaugh’s playbook!!!! Every rhetorical trick that my ol’ buddy Rush had ever used to do his magic, was at play on the other end of the spectrum. Too bad none of the above had a care about being very closely tethered to the TRUTH. Sad.

Just a thought … DonC


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