So It’s Paul Ryan!

After much hoopla about who Romney will take to the altar, we learn that Congressman Paul Ryan is the one. But with this pick, might he be engaging in polygamy?

In case you’re not a political geek, Ryan is the Republican who did a tremendous amount of work last year putting together a fairly detailed budget for the government for years to come. Vastly more so than most budgets, the newly conservative House of Representatives got all excited because someone had the genius to mastermind the architecture of what government should look like … at least if you are quite conservative.

I say that Mr. Romney might be committing polygamy because he will now be partnering with not just Mr. Ryan, but Mr. Ryan’s Budget as well. For students of government, this is a big deal … as it should be for all Americans. Up until now, Mr. Romney had given generally warm approval of the Ryan Budget, but with this move, it becomes a wholesale endorsement. Romney had worked pretty hard to stay away from specifics of what all he might do as president. Mostly, he has run on the ‘I’m not Obama’ theme. All of that is in the past. Perhaps I’m overstating my case, but this could either be the life vest that carries him through to election, or the millstone that pulls him to the bottom. Mr. Romney will spend the next few months either endorsing and defending the Ryan Budget or back-peddling over the parts that he can’t go along with.

Do your homework. Find out what the Ryan Budget is all about. There will likely be all kinds of claims about it both from the left and right. Be slow to believe. Look for independent analysis. Congressional Budget Office is a good place to start.

From what I’ve read, it has two parts, a major tax cut and major spending cuts. You can see why Republicans love it. The tax cuts will go to those who currently pay most of the taxes … (duh) …. corporations and the wealthy. I need to do more research on who is going to be hit hardest by the spending cuts, but what I’ve heard so far is that most will be in the health and welfare areas. Medicare and Medicaid may be the biggest questions. Republicans usually take the approach that if they don’t like some program, they plan for cuts, then hope the program gets reformed. Democrats tend to plan for reforms, then hope that it will cut costs. Neither of these approaches have worked very well to date.

Do your homework!

Just a thought … DonC


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