Damn Democrats

Even though I give the Republicans lots of grief that doesn’t mean the Democrats don’t deserve a serious look. Their first problem is related to what they stand for … everything and nothing. It’s like shooting at a flock of geese with a shotgun. If you aim at everything, you hit nothing. Any good Republican knows what they are about – strong defense, lower taxes and smaller government. Since Ronald Reagan, this has been their mantra. Democrats have a way of generating a rather extensive laundry list, seemingly in an effort to kiss just enough toes to make a wide cross-section of folks happy. If you are a Democrat, you may have your own key issues, but they are likely not the same as the Democrat sitting next to you.

Next, Democrats really have found lots of ways to spend money. Many of the really big spending items that the government has come up with have come from the Democratic side. Many of these projects have been beneficial, but they also seem to be loaded with inefficiencies. Good luck reforming them. Republicans have taken a whacking for even suggesting such things … though this may change. If any such program is deemed ineffective, the Democratic answer is often to throw more money at the problem.

Democrats have acknowledged that climate change is a serious problem that may cost us dearly for generations to come, but they have failed to keep the issue on the front burner. After a summer like this one, you would think it would be worth talking about. And with Republicans clearly on the wrong side of this issue, it should be a no brainer?

Most everyone understands that our fiscal situation is not looking good over the course of the next twenty years if we can’t get our debt situation under control. Some of the sacred cows on both sides are going to have to get turned into hamburger. The Democrats have stonewalled every bit as forcefully as the conservatives in letting go of some of these programs. Where is their leadership on this issue?

My last concern has to do with how some government programs have fostered dependency. Clinton’s welfare reform took a one step in dealing with this, but there are more that can be taken. Indeed, the economy has driven a segment of our society into poverty, but at some point, providing more resources begins to take away the incentive to work and innovate. The government’s generosity needs to be linked more directly with each individual’s ability to step up and take some responsibility.

And face it, the Democrats are just as good at lying, cheating, creating spin, ignoring key issues and playing politics as those Republicans across the isle. They could do better.

Just a thought … DonC


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