Election Winners and Losers

You may have noticed that it has been a while since I’ve posted on my blog. With politics being my main subject matter, I got as sick as everyone else at the campaign rhetoric flying this way and that. Sadly, no matter where any candidate fell on the political spectrum, there were tragically few ads that provided the unvarnished truth. It was a cascade of partial truths, innuendos and outright lies. While I am not a huge fan of Mr. Obama’s record, I had no idea where Mr. Romney really stood on any issue. He had been a centrist governor. Then he swung hard to the right for the primaries and perhaps slightly left of center by the time the election rolled around. Will the real ‘Mitt Romney’ please stand up?

It was a little nutty how Michelle Bachmann tried to paint herself as a moderate in the election. While she is a fine Christian woman, she has managed to say some of the strangest things over time. She didn’t spend much time bragging about how she was the head of the Tea Party caucus. Would liked to have seen her pack her bags.

In another race in Massachusetts, Eliz.Warren did have an admirable record in dealing with the financial industry, but Scott Brown had established himself as a moderate, truly independent thinker. There are so very few of that sort left in Congress. I hope he has a future somewhere in politics.

Women won. I don’t mean particular candidates. I mean that women are showing that they will not bow to perceived ‘good ol’ boy’ candidates or parties. Women are voting more regularly than men, and if the Republican party can’t figure out how to address contemporary women’s issues, they are going to be loosing elections a lot more often in the future.

Hispanics won. Again, not that any one candidate was overly noteworthy, but they showed decisively that they are now a legitimate and substantial voting block. If you want to win their vote in the future, you better do more than give lip service.

In Minnesota, the Republicans got spanked. Between the two proposed amendments, the government shutdown, their wacky means of borrowing school district’s money and a scandal or two, voters showed up at the polls and were none too pleased. I do worry that Democrats will let this victory go to their heads, and launch a major tax and spending spree.

The key question remains: Did any of them get the message that we want them all to work together to find solutions, imperfect as they may be?

Arrogance rules when I think I have all of the right answers and my opponent is corrupt, frightening, misguided or always wrong. Perhaps the lessons most valuable for me come from my political opposite. If I fail to learn anything from him or her, then I am the loser.


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